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Домой Opencart Amazon Buy Together Discount / Combo Discount

Amazon Buy Together Discount / Combo Discount

This is Amazon buy together implementation for OpenCart — now supporting Shoppica2 theme.

!!!NEW!!! Module now support product quantities or you can now select more precisely what will be included in discount. You may now bundle items like one or more of item A plus two or more of item B:
1 x iPod Classic
2 x HPs
or you may have unlimited combinations between items. Like buy four iPhones and two iPods and you’ll get X% discount.

!!!NEW!!! Discounts now work with products with options.

Define groups of two or three products and selling discount for them and give option for your user to buy all group at once with that discount. Full controll on displaying the discount[see documentation]

Very simple to install and configure. This module has two parts — Buy together module and Group Discount order total extension.

Group Discount extension is used to manage discount product groups while Buy together module is used to display groups.

Both module and extensions included in a box.

!!!NEW!!! Now added combo discount for whole category. Just choose a category, and you may create combo discount for all products in that category. i.e. Select Phones & PDAs and create a combo for that category with Nikon D300, then each product in the category will have automatically combo discount with Nikon.

!!!NEW!!! Added option to hide discount for product. If you have discount for Product A and Product B, then when browse one of them discount will be shown. However you may turn discount off for either A or B, thus opening it you would not see the discount. Thanks to Viktor Toshev for his idea.

WARNING: Strongly recommended v2.0 to be upgraded to v2.2

NOTE: There are no reported issues if you upgrade from v1.5 to 2.0.

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