Blog / News V4.2 — extension for opencart

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News/Blog Extension and modules version 4.2.

+++Version changelog is in the documentation tab+++

Blog / News V4.2 - extension for opencart
>> insert/edit articles;

>> insert/edit article categories and subcategories;

>> article search in front-end;

>> comment system for articles with admin moderation + level 1 replies to comments;

>> seo urls and meta data for articles;

>> custom page title and tags for articles;

>> custom short description area;

>> related articles;

>> customizable date added and date updated;

>> settings for article elements displayed in listings;

>> ability to load all the pages in the blog trough tpl file from your custom theme (way better theme compatibility than previous version);

>> you can set featured image in listing;

>> 4 custom fields for articles (input fields but supports html markup);

>> seo urls and meta data for article categories;

>> can enable or disable comments per article;

>> can add products related to the article;

>> can display article main image in listing and product page;

>> multistore articles;

>> multistore article categories;

>> multilanguage description, name and meta data for articles and categories;

>> Facebook meta tags (opengraph) and Twitter meta tags for article pages

>> ability to use facebook comments for articles

>> ability to use disqus comments for articles

>> publish date setting for articles

>> image gallery for articles

>> youtube videos easy form for articles

>> ability to copy articles

Blog / News V4.2 - extension for opencart

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  1. Ребят, кто нибудь установил на 15521 ocstore ?
    не работает seo. ((

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