Category Product Manager

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Looking for a quick and easier way to manage categories and products on your OpenCart store?
Here’s what you need: Category Product Manager extension.What’s new in 1.2.2
Наружная реклама Кременчуг
— Fix bug: losing product filters after saving productsFeatures
This extension enhances your OpenCart store and allow administrators to:
— View categories and products on the same screen in a more effective layout
— View all categories in a tree structure
— View all products belong to a selected category
— Add/edit products and categories straight from manager screen
— Update categories’ sort values and parent category by simply dragging and dropping
— Update products’ sort values and linked category by simply dragging and dropping
— View products’ statuses from manager screen: disabled products are greyed out
— Check if products are featured: featured ones are starred
— Mark product as featured or remove them from featured list

— OpenCart 1.5.1 — 1.5.6
— MijoShop, AceShop

For questions and supports, please send emails to

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