CR2 Landing Page Pro

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The module can be used to display a custom text/message to your visitors upon their arrival at your store. The text/message will be displayed over the page(s) of your store. The amount of times the landing page is displayed for each visitor is configurable: once, twice… up to 11 times, or every time.

The content/message can be defined as:

    — custom HTML which you input in the module configuration


    — remote URL address from which the user loads content


    — an information page included in the store

Several look options can be controlled: message box width, heigh, overlay colour and overlay opacity.
You can also configure the module to display this message on one, more or all of the layouts defined in your store.

Support and documentation:

Check downloads table for compatibility list.

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One comment on “CR2 Landing Page Pro

  1. Не совсем понятно почему сей модуль называется Landing Page Pro. Ну добавляет он несколько кастомных полей, а создание посадочных страниц тут при чем?

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