CSV Product Export» ver 3.2.11

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The extension exports product data into a CSV file. Users may choose which columns to include into the file. There is the ability to export products from specified categories only. CSV files are easily viewed by spreadsheet applications like MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

Here is a link to a sample file with all supported columns:

Minimum Requirements:
— opencart

— VQMod installed;

Release Notes:
— Interface is in English language only
— it does not export downloads

What’s New in Version 3.2
— custom product fields from the product table are supported out of the box;
— ability to define custom field names for general fields and product attributes;
— model is not a mandatory field now;
— ability to export active products only (status = enabled);
— ability to exclude products with zero quantity from the export file;
— compatibility with MijoShop improved (ver3.2.6+).

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Csvproductexportver (41.7 KiB, 467 downloads)


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    • please read «readme.txt» file — LOL!!!
      go to Go to ‘Extensions -> Product Feeds’ and install it.
      Для русских добавьте языковую папку в русскую папку. чтоб работало.

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