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Домой Opencart CSV Product Import 3.6.4

CSV Product Import 3.6.4

This extension adds the ability to import products from a file in csv format. The file can contain all standard product fields including product attributes, product options, downloads etc. The extension may automatically create category and manufacturer records in the store (for one language only). The extension supports import of custom fields from the product table.

There are no any size limitations for the import file. It splits the import to parts automatically displaying intermediate results every 10-15 seconds (by default).

Different file charsets are supported (for example, UTF-8, Windows-1251) but you should be aware of the file charset before you start the import.

You also can use this extension for periodical manual update of product prices and quantity. Automatic update from a file on your server can be configured with the ‘Task Scheduler‘ extension.

A sample CSV file can be downloaded here:

Same file in xls format:
Note: XLS files cannot be imported directly, they have to be converted to csv files before.

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