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Домой Opencart Custom Product Tab v1.2.2

Custom Product Tab v1.2.2

Have you ever needed an extra tab on the product page? If yes, then this mod can help you.
The modification adds a new tab to the product page where you can store additional information about a product.

How does it work?
It adds a new tab (by default it is called “Specs”, but you can name it whatever suits you best) to the product page which looks and acts like the description tab. You can choose whether you want the tab to always show or only when it is not empty (global effect).

You can edit the content of the tab from administration panel, from the same page where you would edit the product description.

* custom name
* CKEditor support
* option to take content from the admin language field for secondary languages when left empty
* configurable visibility (show when not empty/always show)

vQmod available

Latest version 1.2.1

CustomProductTabv1.2.2oc1.5.4.x-1.5.6.xvQmod (267.1 KiB, 172 downloads)


TMD Product Images In all missing place ocmod 2.x

Введение ———————————————————————- Это расширение покажет изображения товара в админке заказа, модуль отображает изображения в истории заказов (администратора), подтверждения …

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