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Домой Opencart Customer Order Product Upload

Customer Order Product Upload

Extends the basic upload functionality in OpenCart to customer account, in an order, and on product page with many useful features including image preview, progress bar, drag & drop support and file size display.

Features Highlight

  • NEW Send upload file as email attachment to store admin
  • NEW Send file upload admin email alert
  • NEW Progress Bar to indicate upload progress
  • NEW Drag & Drop support
  • NEW Multiple files selection
  • NEW Custom folder
  • NEW Custom image preview dimension size
  • NEW Individual product option upload settings
  • NEW Image Dimension validation
  • NEW Image color channel(RGB, CMYK) validation check
  • Thumbnail preview and pop-up available for image file type uploads.
  • Full HTML rich text editor for upload description text
  • Force product quantity to match with number of files uploaded
  • Product file upload are now associated with current ‘file’ type options and can be sorted among other product options
  • Enables customer to upload files to:own customer account, an order, in product
  • Product image can be replaced with uploaded image file.
  • All files uploaded by customer can be reviewed and downloaded from the admin page easily.
  • Enable to set the following rules: Maximum and minimum number of files, File size limit, File types and MIME(optional)
  • Added security features: MIME check to reduce risk of hidden script in files, masked filename to prevent unauthorized access
  • Customer Group & Store restriction
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