Customer Testimonials & Product Reviews

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This extension comes in two parts.

Customer Testimonials

— Allow customers to leave a testimonial / company review.
— Display your testimonials on any page in any position (content top, content bottom, left, right)
— An Admin module allows you to specify which testimonials are displayed in the module, the order of the testimonailsl (Latest->Earliest or Random), module height etc)
— The module links to a testimonials page where all your testimonials are displayed along with a pie graph or your reviews and a score out of 10
— This page also provides a place for a customer to leave a testimonial
— Customer Testimonials admin page for adding/editing and deleting testimonials. 
— Ability to post a comment on a testimonial which is visible on the front end.
— Added Testimonials awaiting approval to the dashboard and a link to testimonials in the footer.

Product Reviews

— Added the ability for a customer to leave a positive comment and a negative comment about a product (ie. What did you like about this product and what didn’t you like about this product 
— Modified Reviews Admin with the ability to add/edit or delete positives and negatives
— Added the ability to leave a comment on a review that is visible on the front end.

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