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Домой Opencart DELIVERYDATE PRO 4.1.1


Delivery Date PRO extension provides new options for your customers. They can choose their preferred delivery arrival dates. Best of all, your customers will be instantly informed as to any dates when delivery is unavailable to them (i.e., weekends, holidays, recurrent days of the week, isolated days). It’s the perfect way to effectively increase your customer service!

Set minimal and maximal interval between the order and delivery date.
Specify the days that are available for delivery.
Set ranges times that is available for delivery.
Unavailable delivery dates/days can be flexibly configured (day, recurrent day, period, etc).
Disable shipments methods to enable or disable Delivery Date.
Orders can be sorted and filtered by delivery date from the back end.
Allow customers to set desired delivery date.
Display Delivery Date and Time info in Admin order invoice and customer email.
Support multiple language customized display text in HTML.
Required last version Vqmod.
Easy 1 minute installation and configuration.
The extension’s functionality code is 100% Open Source.

Delivery can be disabled on the selected weekend or convenient days for you.

You can configure time ranges for their customers to select along with the date of delivery.

Filter and sort orders by delivery date in sales orders and view details.

Unavailable delivery dates/days can be flexibly configured. For sample, National day, Holiday, Vacations, Periods, etc…

You can disable shipments methods to enable or disable the calendar

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