Eventon full Calendar Plugin

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Аддон (дополнение) к плагину EventOn.
Подходит к тому, что ниже: «EventOn v2.3.15 – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin».
Устанавливается как отдельный плагин, но работает только вместе с основой!

FullCal addon is not just a grid, it is filled with neat features that makes it an amazing grid calendar addition to your eventON calendar.

Horizontal Month Navigation
FullCal adds an interactive animated month scrolling effect to your grid view.

Quick Glance Events
You can show upto 3 event names when you hover over a date box with event colors associated with them,

No Border Style
You have the option to choose even more minimal no-border design for the grid calendar view.

Lightbox Events
Click on event date boxes can be set to open events list for that day as a neat in-page lightbox popup.

Load All Events on Load
You can have all the events for a month be loaded below grid, on page load at all times.

Hover Day Count
Another clean minimal feature is the event count for a day that shows when hovering the date box.

Customize Colors to Fit You
You can easily customize the colors of FullCal from appearances to match to your website’s color theme.

Heat Style Date Boxes
Grid date boxes can be made to color based on the number of events on that date relative to rest of the calendar grid — like a heat graph.

Eventon-full-cal-2 (33.8 KiB, 74 downloads)


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