Hide Products if quantity reach to 0 from filters & website

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Hide your products if quantity reach to 0 or below that. So you don’t need to change the status of products, that product will be hidden from store. If the quantity will be updated to more than 0 then that product will automatically show in store.

-> Remove your frustration of regularly changing the status of the products. This module automatically hide the products from front store if product quantity becomes 0.
-> Remove the count of zero quantity products from the filters module.
-> Remove the products which are having zero quantity after applying the filters.
-> Display the products which are having more than 0 quantity.
-> Give your customer a store where all products are having products with available quantity.
-> Remove your customer’s frustration of seeing products which are not in stock.
-> No existing files are modified, done by vQmod.
-> Easy installation, plug & play.

100% Free Support & 100 % Free Installation

Latest version of vQmod.

Version Update 1.1
-> Fixed Bug.
-> Updated to latest version of opencart.

Write a mail to ozxmod@gmail.com for support & query.

Hide-Zero-Quantity-Products Feofan Net (72.8 KiB, 244 downloads)


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