Image Compressor (VQMod) — Increase Site Speed

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It also compresses all of the jpegs & pngs that you upload through the image manager in the Opencart admin. You control the level of compression through the admin page.

This reduces file size on the front end and loads sites faster for your users.

The compression is handled by the native GD Graphics library

Once uploads are successful, Image Crusher will display a popup showing the percentage saving of the file size after optimisation.

You have the option to set the level of compression and also the ability to turn it off when it is not needed.

I am always enhancing the module so if you would like a feature just let me know!

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Image Compressor (259.6 KiB, 705 downloads)


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One comment on “Image Compressor (VQMod) — Increase Site Speed

  1. Вроде как работает…. Все файлы ТОЛЬКО В ФОРМАТЕ JPEG. Есть минус — модуль добавляет в конце названия каждой картинки что-то типа того ….. название.Image-Compressor.a6If34
    Пока проблем не наблюдал…

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