Intelligent Product Labels

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With this extension you will be able to add labels, product images and icons to your products. You can add as many labels as you want.

Setup a label and apply it to Featured, Bestseller, Latest, Special, Categories, etc. You can also add a label to show on stocks, or to show on products when they have got free shipping. All this work is done from one control panel. You will find out how easy is to create labels on real time preview, while you are defining label properties you are watching how it will show.


* Add labels to featured, besteller, latest, special, stocks, free-shipping, category, manufacturer, etc.
* Upload and use your own images as labels
* Set label as image: jpg, png and it will resize to fit label size
* Three easy shapes: Rotated, Round and Horizontal
* Easy positioning Top & Left,Top & Right,Bottom & Left,Bottom & Right
* Advanced mode: Set manual position, manual dimensions
* Setup label position, size, colors, border, text, opacity, shadow, etc.
* Set size, you decide how big is your label
* Optionally use two line text labels
* Set text labels for different languages (multilanguage)
* Select as many products as you need to show the label
* Show labels by category
* Control when labels are shown
* One control panel to do it all
* Preview labels while creating them
* Program labels to appear in an specific date and stop showing automatically
* Use wildcards to show labels when matching a rule on its name, stock, etc.
* Add labels to a product, according an specific word in its product description automatically
* Set label priority if two labels are on the same position
* Labels with lower priority and same position try to reallocate to another available position automatically
* When applied to latest, you can choose the time limit to consider a product as new
* When applied to stock you can choose to show only in products without stock
* When applied to special, it calculates the percentage and amount automatically
* Use advanced keys in label title to control quantity, ranking, variables
* Enable or disable labels

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Intelligent Product Labels & Images 2.7.9 Feofan Net (169.0 KiB, 671 downloads)


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  1. Установил модуль и вместо настроенного стикера выводится слово Array. Шаблон journal2. В чем может быть ошибка?

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