NitroPack 1.1.1

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What is NitroPack

NitroPack is The First Complete OpenCart Web Performance Optimization Framework with 30+ features that will do everything you need to get a blazing fast OpenCart web site.

The Nitro Difference

✯ Highest Speed Testing Scores. Lowest Number of Requests. Test conducted on a Budget European Shared Hosting. Test is using some of the Premium Services you can purchase for a lightning fast web store.
✯ Increase Business Efficiency — NitroPack helps you boost your page loading speed, increasing your SEO, SEM. This will enhance your visitors user experience, increasing your conversion rate, search engine rankings in Google Bing and Yahoo.
✯ More Pages Viewed — a visitor sees 30% more pages which raises the money they spend while shopping
✯ Complete Makeover for Your Store — The minimize page serve time will be up to 5000 times faster, HTTP traffic up to 80% lower and your website overall performance — 30 times faster


✯ State of art Caching — The Fastest Page Cache, Database Cache, Browser Cache, Image Cache, System Cache
✯ Rock Solid Generic CDN/Amazon CloudFront/CloudFlare CDN Caching
✯ Minification, HTTP Compression and Smush.It Image optimization
✯ Integrated Google PageSpeed Report — Improve your low and high performing areas straight from your dashboard following the Nitro automatic recommendation steps.
✯ Premium Services — One click access to our bestselling and most requested web store optimizations, tailored for your specific OpenCart site needs.
✯ Sophisticated Admin — Bootstrapped, elegant and handy admin panel with easy access to a variety of settings requiring no coding skills


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  1. m@ximus —> никакая лицензия необходимость, не игнорировать его
    feofan —-> не получал письмо содержит пароль для этого сайта 🙂

  2. просьбу «ввести ключ» — игнорируем. спасибо за модуль!

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