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Bossthemes proudly introduce the whole new idea of open-source Ecommerce solution – Glmobiles, shop your own way.

In terms of apprearence, Bossthemes Glmobiles definitely can impresses all visitors. Every blocks, content, and details in layout are arranged in the right places. A well-organized design creates a comfortable environment for customers to easily shop.

Besides a colorful, eye-catchy background, Glmobile template contains manypowerful features that you cannot miss out. And the first feature to mention is Category product that allows customers to choose to shop by Best Seller, Categoryor Top Brand. It gets directly to what they want and need.

Secondly, this is a design with Responsive Web design (RWD) feature which allows your website to automatically fit into all the device screen sizes. No more broken images, no text error even when customers surf the site on PCs, tablets or mobile phones.

Moreover, new and interesting modules were developed in order to serve customers better. Boss Zoom, for instance, allows cloud zoom and colorbox used simultaneously. Boss Tag cloud provides a quick view of product.

Discover more features below!

Key Features
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Не помню где и когда нашел, валялась в «загашникке». Тема на английском с кучей модулей и т.д. Как по мне дизайн не очень, но вдруг кому подойдет. В комплект входит PSD дизайн, полностью готовый Опенкарт с темой и модулями(all include, поставил и работай), сама тема которую можно повесить поверх магазина, модули, sql дополнение к базе. Работоспособность проверил поверхностно. Развлекайтесь 🙂

Такой шаблон есть, что бы не засорять, даем ссылку на обменник

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