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Домой Opencart Opencart SEO Pack PRO v_8.2

Opencart SEO Pack PRO v_8.2

It is time to make your Opencart SEO friendly!

We celebrate 4+ years of Opencart SEO Pack PRO, 3100+ sales, thousands of happy clients, thousands sitesboosted in SERPs by releasing Opencart SEO Pack PRO 8

Opencart SEO Pack PRO 8 is more powerful, easier to use, more customizable and includes many more SEO features.

«SEO is not about design. SEO is about being the BEST.» — Be the best using Opencart SEO Pack PRO 8!

Buy Opencart SEO Pack PRO now and get the FREE INSTALLATION and 12 months of FREE SUPPORT.

Opencart SEO Pack PRO 8 includes all SEO extensions and features and many more:

+ NEW extensions and features from Opencart SEO Pack PRO 8:

Opencart-seopack-pro-v8 20 (252.7 KiB, 1015 downloads)

3 комментария

  1. Что по Локализации?
    Русский язык присутствует для СЕО пак’а для опенкарт?

  2. кстати заметил такую вешь на ocstore ставить бесполезно, работает именно с таблицами бд Opencart

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