Product Option Image PRO v.1.3.8

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Module «Product option image PRO» is designed to improve the standard OpenCart product images functionality.
It allows you to better visualize the products and their options for customersModule «Product option image PRO» features:

  • Set additional images for each product options values on the product page options tab in admin section (for types «Select», «Radio», «Image» and «Checkbox»)
  • Change main product image on product page when customer select option (optional)
  • Change main product image at product page when mouse over additional product images (optional)
  • Show product options images in additional product images list on product page (optional)
  • Filter additional product images list by selected options on product page (optional)
  • Limit image gallery with currently visible images from additional product images list on product page (optional)
  • Show selected option value images below option field on product page (optional)
  • Show thumbnails for option images in products lists on categories pages and in standard modules «Latest», «Bestsellers», «Special», «Featured» (optional)
  • Set individual option value thumbnail image for option type «image» (optional)
  • Show image situable for selected product options in cart (optional)

Most of features can be switched not only from module settings, its also can be turned on/off for each option or individually for each product option.

Some module features demonstration:
Product Option Image PRO v.1.3.8
More gifs demos: images below options, options images in category

Compatible with MijoShop.

Compatible with modules:
Product Block Option (id 10910)
Product Color Option (id 6907)
Product Image Zoom Free (id 4518)
Add product image/logo store to invoce (id 14713)
Filter Product OpenCart_v1.5.x/filterpro (id 7046)

Tested for compatibility with custom themes: Journal2, Sellegance, Pav Fashion, Pav StyleShop, Polianna, Ava Store, CosyOne, Mattimeo, Moneymaker, Universum, Pavilion, Shoppica2. If you want to use the module with another theme, email as to, we’ll try to help you.

This is OpenCart 1.5.X module version, for OpenCart 2.0.X please use Product Option Image PRO for OpenCart 2.0.X

Demo page

Demo admin section
login/pass: demo/demo

Product option image PRO can be used together with Related Options module.
We also recommend to use another our extension for dynamic price information update: Live Price.

Contact for support, questions and suggestions:

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