ProductPage (Лендинг Пейдж для страницы товара)

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Your product is awesome, isn’t it? But your potential customers are distracted easily.
That’s why your landing page should be all about it.

Let me remind you that the typical visitors of your website:
✖ don’t spend a lot of time on your website
✖ don’t click unless they are very interested
✖ don’t have the time or desire to read carefully
✖ don’t want to wait to get to your product
✖ don’t like filling out long forms
✖ will probably leave your website if it doesn’t look well on the device they’re using

That’s why you want to keep them focused and let them buy quickly.

What if you could keep them engaged longer?

Imagine that what would happen with your sales if…
✔ your visitors were presented with your product right away
✔ everything you needed to tell them was on one page
✔ your customers went straight to checkout («No cart?! Hooray!»)
✔ you let them pay faster and save them the buyer’s remorse
✔ your website looked equally good on desktop and mobile

All eyes on your product!
We know how little time you have to convince your visitors, because we’ve been there. That’s why we gathered all of our experience and knowledge to help you sell your product by skipping the unnecessary details.

Lets your visitors focus on your product
To help you do this ProductPage takes them straight to the page of your product.

Allows your customers to buy the product right away
Once you convince them, they can hit the “Buy now” button and go straight to checkout. No need for a shopping cart.

Provides your customers with the quickest checkout experience
And to help them pay as quick as possible and enjoy your product, we’ve reduced the checkout to 2 steps only.

Allows you to make mobile friendly OpenCart landing pages
Your website delights both your mobile and desktop customers.

Allows you to create a set of landing pages for your OpenCart store
Each product’s landing page can be customized separately.

Can be customized
A dedicated Admin panel module is included to help you configure ProductPage quickly.

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One comment on “ProductPage (Лендинг Пейдж для страницы товара)

  1. This is nice, but not enough. Many other modules / vqmods won’t work with this theme… so it is useless if you want to sell a configurable product, it’s just to sell something like a book… and who is reading books nowadays ?!

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