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Домой Opencart Questions & Answers PRO / Ask a question / FAQ

Questions & Answers PRO / Ask a question / FAQ

* Product questions * General store enquiries * Customer answers * Answer voting *

What does it do?
With this extension you can add a new module (or a tab) to product page where customers can view product relatedquestionsask new questions regarding your product and also answer other customers’ questions. Additionally the extension adds a separate question form module (which can be placed to any layout and any position) for general store related enquiries that has the same functionality as the product related questions. The general store questions & answers can be viewed on a separate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page with its own layout and SEO URL. Both question modules — the general and prduct related — have pagination and support question searching and sorting. All functionality is fully AJAX based.

Customers can use BBCode tags in questions and answers whereas admin interface has full HTML support.

Logged in customers can vote whether an answer is helpful or not.


  • Product questions
    Ask questions about specific products
  • General store enquiries — FAQ page
    Ask general store related questions (Ask a Question module)
  • Customer answers
    Allow customers to answer questions
  • Answer voting
    Allow logged in customers to vote whether the answer is helpful or not
  • New question / answer moderation
    Option to require admin moderation for new questions / answers
  • Require login
    Options to require customers to log in to view / submit questions and answers
  • Search & sort questions
    Filter questions by search string and/or sort questions by various parameters
  • Customer e-mail notifications
    Notify customers about their question answers
  • Admin e-mail notifications
    Notify admin about new questions and answers
  • BBCode support
    Allow basic BBCode in questions and answers (bold, italic, underline, link, …)
  • Customizable email templates
    Professional and customizable HTML e-mail templates with plain-text fallback
  • Customizable display options
    Option to display question author, question date, answer author and answer date
  • Fully multilingual
    Question and answer texts can be translated to all available languages
  • Fully AJAX based
    No page refresh is needed to submit a question / answer, search or navigage the questions
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ProductQuestionsAndAnswersv1.5.0oc1.5.1 X-1.5.5 XvQmod (294.5 KiB, 287 downloads)


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