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Домой Opencart Route Editor 1.5.X — MAKE ALL URLS SEO FRIENDLY


Route editor is a tool to help you maintain all those nasty looking URL’s into more pleasant ones for your customers. Instead of something along the lines ofhttp://www.yoursite.com/index.php?route=account/login

you could instead have


This mod also allows you to blank the route, ideal to change the default home page link (index.php?route=common/home) to just your standard URL

Links like these are more likely to be bookmarked too, as people aren’t wanting to bookmark url’s 200 characters long in what they consider total nonsense

You can see how to set this up correctly in the screenshots for this (left and in additional images tab). This mod also supports multiple languages, so you can have for example
/login for your English site, and
/connecteur for your french site

Please note that this mod requires you have SEO URL’s enabled, as per the original SEO URL’s of OpenCart. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THAT SET UP BEFORE PURCHASING

vQmod is required to get this mod working. Visit http://vqmod.com/ and install the latest version if you don’t have it already

routeedit_feofan.net (12.0 KiB, 359 downloads)

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