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Домой Opencart SEO Tags / Modern Tags

SEO Tags / Modern Tags

Tags are another way to group items in opencart. The module extends the semantic core and increases kolichevstvo landing pages.
It will be useful for website promotion.
The Opencart is the standard mechanism for tags, but how to promote the page labels, because they can not put meta tags, URL, etc.

This module allows you to create tags as a full page with their urlom as well:
— Descriptions (top and bottom) Customizable
— Meta tags (title, description, keywords)
— Tag H1 can be changed directly on the page tag, it will not be a standard tag that ravnyaetsya name tags

The module completely replaces the standard module labels.

It works with SeoUrl and SeoPro.
It does not replace any files.

Available versions 1.5.H and 2.x.

1. Pageout tags in sitemap.xml.
2. Appointment of the category for a tag for it in the url Case studies and breadcrumbs
3. Ability to output tags on the category page (tag products in this category)
4. Two titles. Main and short. If it is added to short it will be displayed on the categories of goods and, if the value is empty then will display the name of the principal.
5. Sort mtok the derivation of the number of designated product.
6. Similar tags on the page tags.

SEO Tags V (102.6 KiB, 206 downloads)


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