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Еще один фильтр, для сайта на opencart

SimonFilters is a module that allows your customers to filter the products they see on your site.

It started its life back in November 2011 as a simple and innocent filtering extension for Attributes and Options. It was, as far as I know, the first one of it’s kind: AJAX driven and theme agnostic(well, you do have to configure it for your theme! There’s no auto-magically configurator! YET!).

Constant nagging by its users (you know who you are!) transformed it into the most comprehensive, customizable, feature packed, complex and, I confess, least documented filtering extension available for OpenCart. I can’t, quite simply, keep up documenting new features. It’s insane. That’s why I offer free install for typical installations. If it doesn’t work in your store I’ll refund you. Total refunds issued in the last 12 months: 3.

Features are almost too much to list(this description field does have a char limit, you know?) and they’re constantly being updated but here is a limited list:

-Filtering options are:Attributes, Categories, Options, Tags, Manufacturers, Stock statuses and Price.
-Most filtering options can start either expanded or collapsed, be either radio buttons, check-boxes (OR or AND) or sliders, be presented in one or two columns, have vertical scrollbars or «more/less» buttons. HTML <selects> are next.
-AJAX or normal links with parameters in the querystring (use .htaccess to make them look pretty!)
-You’re using a custom theme and would like to use AJAX? No problem. Just tell the module about the HTML container where your products are. There’s a central database with the most used ones and I’ll configure the rest for free.
-All filtering options (except price, for now) display product totals with or without cache!
-Third party caching friendly. Just enable the «cache buster» feature.
-Enter multiple attributes separated by a char (a ! or a, or a ; etc) on your product’s page and just tell the module which character you used. Done!
-Hide zero quantity products!
-Your customer clicked on some filters and he goes to a product page. Want him to have those filters pre-selected for him when he visits the same category again? Go to the module’s admin and click on a checkbox.
-Filters can either sit still as the user clicks them or dynamically change to progressively present only the possible filters in each scenario. Again, a checkbox in the admin.
-You need to show ALL FILTERS even those that make no sense because your client says so? A checkbox in the admin.
-You got tired of the stock look? Go to the built-in theme builder and adapt the existing or create your own.
-Working in stores with more then 50000 products. Some insane people even have 10000 or 20000 categories and 4000 or 5000 manufacturers. Takes a bit more of work from you (you do have to go to each attribute/option/manufacturer and explicitly say you want SimonFilters to acknowledge its existence) but extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. Too much work for you? Throw me ideas!
-and much more…

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6 comments on “Simonfilters Opencart

  1. гавнофильтр, работает то он работает, только он кривой как лада калина

    • Brainy Filter это, тут на феофане он есть, пиздатый фильтр и легко с ним работать,Ю работает без проблем на любых осях с любых темплейтом, единственное что не работает в опциями, но кто то опции возмещает на стандартных оськовых фильтрах.

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