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Домой Opencart Smart Checkout

Smart Checkout

«Smart Checkout» is an OpenCart extension designed to simplify making purchases on your website. So if you have this module you will get more a quickly and friendly function of purchases the products.

⍟ «Smart Checkout» Features ⍟

✯ Popup view.
✯ Ajax processing.
✯ Creating real order.
✯ Receive notifications by email: Default system letter | Your own HTML template.
✯ Multi language support.
✯ Multi stores support.
✯ Ajax price, discount & totals calculating.
✯ Caching.
✯ Unlimited fields to order form.
✯ Individual validation rules for fields.
✯ Individual css id & css class for fields.
✯ Three types of fields position: left (50% width), center (100% width), right (50% width).
✯ Individual success text after checkout.
✯ Mask for phone field.
✯ Order prefix.
✯ Select with customer groups should be work module.
✯ Select payment methods to show.
✯ Select shipping methods to show.
✯ Select options to show.
✯ Select checkout Terms to show.
✯ Customize background overlay for module.
✯ Support Google Analytic (eCommerce, Events).
✯ Using vQmod.
✯ Responsive (mobile friendly).
✯ Set order status after checkout.
✯ Installation by one click.
✯ Error input highlight.
✯ Sortable fields.
✯ Give discount after checkout.

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OCdevWizard-Smart-Checkout (4.1 MiB, 815 downloads)



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