Vip customer 0.9

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The customer VIP program module makes it possible to set up a discount rewards system for your customers based on their total spendings. It’ll help increase your sales by offering your loyal customers discount on products and incentive to spend more to receive additional discounts.

Main features:
+ Set any customer membership levels (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) with badges
+ Set customer spending threshold for each membership level.
+ Customer spendings can be based on all orders, last quarter orders, or last month orders (v0.3+)
+ Set whether or not to include shipping in customer total spending calculation
+ Set order status (i.e. complete, shipped, processed, etc.) to be included in customer total spending calculation
+ Admins will be notified via popup message or email when a customer achieves a new level
+ Admins can filter customers by VIP membership
+ VIP discount is only applied to regular price (non-discounted and non-special price) products
+ Customers can see their membership statuses (current level, current discount, and amount needed to reach next level) when they log in
+ Regular and VIP discounted price will be shown for eligible products on all pages
+ This module comes with sample trophy logos (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) free for you to use. Please contact us for custom logo.
+ Customizable messages (v0.3+)
+ Support multiple languages (v0.3+)

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One comment on “Vip customer 0.9

  1. Версия 0.9.8 имеется? Готов даже приплатить немного за нее.

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