AbandonedCarts — Proved Recover Abandoned Cart — v 1.0

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AbandonedCarts - Proved Recover Abandoned Cart - v 1.0 AbandonedCarts - Proved Recover Abandoned Cart - v 1.0AbandonedCarts - Proved Recover Abandoned Cart - v 1.0AbandonedCarts - Proved Recover Abandoned Cart - v 1.0


What is AbandonedCarts?

According to Baymard Institute, a web research company in the UK, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. This means that when a customer is browsing through your website and decides to add an item to cart, there is a big chance they will not check out. They can abandon the cart half way, during the view cart or upon entering their address.AbandonedCart is a product that helps you solve this. AbandonedCart allows you to review your customer’s abandoned checkouts, send an automatic or manual email with a link to their cart and/or provide a discount hook.


✯ NEW: Track statistics!
✯ NEW: Language detection for guest customers
✯ MultiStore Support
✯ Multilingual Support
✯ View Customer Name/Email/Telephone
✯ View Products added to cart
✯ View Customer IP address
✯ View Last visited page before drop out
✯ View Time spent on your store after adding the first product
✯ Set an automatic email after a selected amount of days
✯ Manual/Personalized email to specific customer 
✯ Set discount code for customers with abandoned cart
✯ Set discount code expiry date
✯ Unsubscribe feature in mail templates
✯ Rich Text Editor Email Generator in the Admin Panel
✯ Set Product Dimensions in the email

AbandonedCarts is compatible with EasyCron. Learn how to set it up here

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