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Домой Opencart Combine Orders v1.0

Combine Orders v1.0

This mod allows you to combine 2 or more orders from the same customer. Just choose the desired orders and hit Combine – a new combined order will be created and old ones will be removed.


  • Unique extension!
  • One-click action, no hustle at all.
  • Very useful, if your customers often create several orders instead of one.
  • Totals update during combine (optional, see instructions).
  • Keeps options, vouchers and downloads.
  • Extra option in store settings to notify customer about combined orders.


To see what was changed in the latest versions, visit the extension’s homepage.


You can ask for support via email [email protected], on our support forum or in OpenCart support topic.


  • Split Order — Let’s you split one order on two by products.
  • Compine Orders — Allows you to combine several orders in one.
  • Multilingual Countries & Zones — Displays countries and zones in corresponding language.
  • Order Reminders — Sends your customers a reminders (to pay, to leave a review, to return etc).
  • Hide Company Field — Hides Company field for chosen groups or make it required.
  • Active Orders — Turns Last 10 Orders block into Active Orders list, which is way more effective.

А lot more extensions can be found here.

Админка (demo; demo)             
Combineorders (4.3 KiB, 285 downloads)

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Opencart 2.x – Combine Orders 2.5.1

Это расширение позволяет объединять 2 или более заказов от одних и тех же клиентов. Просто …

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  1. Новая версия может быть найдена? 🙂

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