Module MX1 — Payment Notification Form

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# Next Update Release: I will update to version 2.0 soon, major codes changes and new features with admin control panel…and the price will rise after update release soon.

Supported OpenCart Versions:
* v1.5.2.x, v1.5.3.x, v1.5.4.x, v1.5.5.x & v1.5.6.x (working tested with default theme)
* 100% new files, this extension will NOT replace any core files
* Available with default (English) and Malay language
* Your website must have VQMOD installed.
* From the clients feedback, this modules only work if you use default MAIL setting, does not work for SMTP mail setting. I dont have solution for SMTP problem at the i recommend you to change to default MAIL setting for this module working perfectly.

Issue with SMTP mail protocol:
*** There is issue reported as following error: 
«Notice: Error: RCPT TO not accepted from server!…»
This error happened if you use «SMTP» as mail protocol, if it happened please change your mail protocol setting to «MAIL» as opencart default setting and make sure your hosting provider enable the php mail function!

— this is a simple form is based on opencart default contact us form, i modify it with additional fields and enable to upload attachment file. There is no admin panel for this form.

— After customer complete the checkout process and has made payment via bank transfer, you may require them to submit their payment information / transaction details through this form to your e-mail for verification.

— This form will collect customer info & payment details, and send directly to your e-mail with attachment file if any.

— customer can upload (optional) their payment slip file. 

— Attachment file format: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp

— Attachment file maximum upload size: 1MB

— Automatically add new links «Payment Notification Form» to information module and footer (below contact us link)

— Automatically add new links for «Payment Notification Form» into customer order e-mail, so that it will take them directly to form page to submit payment info.

Updates History:
*15.01.2014 (v 1.2)
— only 1 file has changed (vqmod/xml/opencartmy_payment_notification_form.xml)
— changes for search string in vqmod files for languages only (english and malay):

*02.01.2014 (v 1.1)
— only 1 file has changed (vqmod/xml/opencartmy_payment_notification_form.xml)
— additional features:-
1) add form link at success page (/index.php?route=checkout/success)
2) add form link at customer new order e-mail

*11.11.2013 (v 1.0)
— initial release Payment Notification Form v1.0

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