Multi Vendor / DropShipper Module 2.0 (OpenCart Addon — vQmod)

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This contribute Multi-Vendor/Drop Shipper module to extend OpenCart 2.0 capability to allow store admin to manage each product that associate to third party vendors information. It is especially useful for drop shipper to keep track of the product information such as country origin, product cost, shipping cost, product URL, store URL, contact information and etc. The system has integrated with email system to trigger email to vendor when respective products from vendor are placed order by customer either during checkout or history orders is updated.

The store admin can assign different commission level associate to each vendor (fixed, percentage or month/year subscription basic). The vendor will only charge by store admin whenever there is a successful transactions or per signup agreement. The system allow store admin to accumulate all successful sales from each vendor and payout at every month through PayPal. The module create individual dashboard for each vendor allow them to manage and update products and sales respectively.


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Multi Vendor (3.7 MiB, 904 downloads)


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2 comments on “Multi Vendor / DropShipper Module 2.0 (OpenCart Addon — vQmod)

  1. Привет. В нем много каких модулей не хвататет да? для показа вендора на странице товара и т.д.? или я что то не понял и там весь функционал как на демке?

  2. Rus: Эй, вы найдете следующие модули: Multiseller / мультивендорным / multishippers расширенный про
    Eng: Hi, can you find this module: multiseller / multivendor / multishippers advanced pro

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