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Домой Opencart Newsletter Enhancements – V3 – vQmod + Free Mega Template Pack v3.6.6 NULLED

Newsletter Enhancements – V3 – vQmod + Free Mega Template Pack v3.6.6 NULLED

Tired of adding manually one by one your products in your Opencart newsletter?

You are on vacation? Out of office? Want to schedule your Newsletter every day,week or month automatically and have the option to even auto randomly populate it?

This module is for you! Stop wasting your time adding your products one by one and waiting to send it!



Модуль Лента Instagram для Opencart 2.0 – 2.3

Модуль для вывода ленты с последними фотографиями с любого публичного профиля Instagram в Opencart 2.0 …

7 комментариев

  1. Tested V, didn’t work!

  2. чето непонятно после нулед один крон остался? кто то ставил себе – как результат?

  3. e module its not nulled but if you look in ne.xml is a IF statement if the key its not there the moduledoesent apear, i nulled for you just download ne.xml and upload it to vqmod/xml/ .. https://mega.co.nz/#!IZIQFb4Z!7IHqg8o-6YYxXGawuamexEaAETrw826-iq7m6vsbJuE

  4. здесь лежит последняя версия Newsletter Enhancements v3.7.2. кто сможет достать?

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