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Домой Opencart Omtex – Mobile and Tablet Version

Omtex – Mobile and Tablet Version

Everything you need to open a Mobile Optimized Version and Tablet Optimized Version of your Opencart web store. In addition to powering your online opencart store, Omtex includes built-in mobile commerce and tablet commerce features so your customers can browse and buy from your store using their mobile phones and tablets. Omtex automatically detects devices and renders its optimized version accordingly. 

Omtex uses HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery Mobile so your store looks great, highly optimized for touch enabled devices and is compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android (Google Nexus, HTC Evo, Motorola Droid Razr), Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm webOS, Symbian and other Smartphones and Tablets. 

✔ Full mobile commerce and tablet commerce functionality, including an optimization for touch based portrait and landscape browsing. 
✔ Mobile and tablet storefronts includes the same features, functionalities and details as your web opencart store. 
✔ Mobile and tablet admin store settings includes feature to select and activate mobile and tablet template, and also deactive it to keep same as web version. 
✔ Switch version options Mobile<->Desktop, Tablet<->Desktop. Option to choose light weight, optimized or separate logo for mobile and tablet versions.
✔ Mobile and tablet optimized default extensions and modules. Option to enable/disable and set different positions for mobile theme and tablet theme. 

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Автор Антон Петрович


Связанные опции для OpenCart2.3 v.2.2

Адаптировано под версию 2.3, за основу взято версию для 2.2. Вроде бы работает на дефолтном …

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  1. как устанавливается так и не понял)))

    • У них на сайте инструкция по установке:
      The default version of OpenCart provides several core modules in the administration. In the Module section, some of these modules will be installed and uninstalled. We recommend that you take some time to experiment with different modules to discover which ones compliment your store the best. The first step in experimenting is installing the modules. Some modules may be uninstalled for the default, such as the Google Talk module. Installing a module is very simple. You can find the module, and in the same row click “Install” in the Module. If the module is installed, there will be an option to “Edit” or “Uninstall” where the “Install” used to be.

      Uninstalling a module is as simple a process as installing one. Clicking “Uninstall” under the Action column is all that is necessary to remove the module information.

  2. При распаковке архива выдает ошибки. Запакуйте пожалуйста RAR архиватором или TAR.GZ

  3. адаптивная дефолтная версия опена под любое устройство начинается со 2-го.так что этот шаблон и ненужен.разве что для тех у кого товаров более 1000.так как переход с ранней на 2-ю версию не совместимы sql базы и многое другое.

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