Recently Viewed Carousel

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is display Recently Viewed with carouFredSel effect with many parameters to configure…

This module allows your shopping cart users provision to see their recently viewed products.

Carousel Settings: (easy change in admin)

  • Set Carousel Circular – on/off
  • Set Carousel Infinite – on/off
  • Set Carousel Responsive – on/off
  • Set Carousel Direction – left/right/up/down
  • Set Products to Scroll
  • Scrolling Effect scroll – scroll/directscroll/fade/crossfade/cover/cover-fade/uncover/uncover-fade/none
  • Scrolling Easing Animation – swing/linear/quadratic/cubic/elastic
  • Set Scrolling Duration
  • Pause Carousel on Hover
  • Auto Play the Carousel
  • Carousel Direction Nav for previous/next navigation
  • Carousel Control Nav for paging control of each product
  • Carousel Swipe Nav – navigating via swiping for touchscreen devices


  • Set categories when module will be display
  • number of products is selectable from the admin
  • image dimensions is selectable from the admin
  • change front language in admin (box name, add to cart name)
  • change front css for any module in admin
  • Show in box and show without box
  • Multi Language Support
  • Multi Store Support
  • easy Enable/Disable
  • works with all Themes
  • easy install and Setup
  • Easy admin interface
  • Plug and play Module
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Recently-viewed-carousel-module-for-opencart (354.2 KiB, 316 downloads)


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