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Домой Opencart Related options [VQMOD]

Related options [VQMOD]

The module allows you to create sets of related product options. This functionality can be useful for sales of products, having interlinked options, such as size and color for clothes.

After module installation, «Related Options» tab will be displayed during product page editing. Using that tab, you can specify a set of options for the product.

  • The module allows to join any number of options.
  • The module works with option types «Select», «Radio» and «Image».
  • The module allows to set different model, weight and price (including discounts and actions) for each related options combination.
  • The module allows to set up different related options variants for defferent products (color&size, length&height and others).
  • The module limits customer’s choice during ordering: only available options can be selected.
  • Access can be limited by two ways: the options values become unavailable or hidden.
  • The module have special option selection style — step by step selection: customer selects first option, then second, then third, and next, and next etc (optional).
  • Customers can select options ​​in any order — limitations will work anyway.
  • The module allows to measure stocks per sets of related options.
  • The module add «Clear options» button for customers on the products pages (optional).
  • The module allows to set default options combination (will be auto-selected on the product page in frontend — optional)
  • If there is no related options set, product options will work as usual.
  • Module have simple import/export features (XLS)

Related Options module is compatible with:

Related Options module is compatible with most of themes (tested with: Journal2). But if you purchase module and have any compatibility problems, email me — I’ll help ( [email protected] ).

Demonstration of customer limitations: (disable unavailable values)
Related options [VQMOD]

Демо          Админка (demo: demo)          

relatedoptions175_feofan.net (54.6 KiB, 795 downloads)


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