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Генерация оптовых прайслистов с различными уровнями доступа для разных групп пользователей. Настройка полей.

Wholesale Price List Pro provides the capabilities for your store to create multiple product price lists that can easily be viewed, printed, and saved as PDF for different customer groups. This is the successor to the Popular Wholesale Price List extension.


  • NEW* Added «Stock Status» & «Minimum Order Qty» sortable columns.
  • NEW* Improved Category filter list that shows only relevant categories.
  • Display products as a list, useful for regular, wholesale, or any customer groups to add products to cart in batch.
  • Price list can be restricted to certain customer groups or store. Useful if you want to allow your wholesale customers access to price list, but not to your normal retail customers.
  • Customers are able to filter the price list products by category.
  • Flexible control — Almost all price list features can be customized from the admin easily.
  • A total of 23 different columns and unlimited product attributes can be toggled on or off independently and arranged from the admin.
  • Price list can be sorted by 18 different columns.
  • 11 types of Barcode is supported.
  • Customers are able to print the price list with a single click in a print-ready format.
  • Customers are able to save the price list in PDF document format.
  • Multi languages and multi stores are supported.
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  1. а товары вручную только добавляются, автоматически нет?

  2. А Wholesale Price List Pro — версии 1.5 (OCv2.3.0.x) нет? или хотябы модификатора к нему?

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